Listening to music as a hobby can be a really pleasant activity.Most people are overwhelmed by how many genres they can find everywhere.They do not really know what they should listen to.This is why they tend to waste years listening to the wrong kind of music.

I believe that everyone has one or two genres of music that really resonate with their particular personality. Find the right ones for you and you will be a much happier person in the years to come.

The following are some of the best music genres that you should listen to:

1: Rap.

People who enjoy rap music like to display their individuality and superiority. They may be feel superior because of their higher intelligence, street smarts or because of they can outwit their opponents all the time.

2: Pop music.

Pop music, or popular music, is the right genre for the masses of people. People who listen to pop music are usually concerned with what other people may think of them. They like to be approved and praised by other people. They have a need to feel important and know everything about what?s going on in the world. They do not want to be left behind.

3: R&B.

R&B is mostly liked by people who have a lot of life experience. Most of them listened passionately to other genres of music when they were young. They loved to listen to music in their early 20s and now they have a hard time forgetting their past.

These people tend to be more classical. They often use language and words that aren?t very popular but they used to be popular. Such people have many stories to tell. They love sitting, telling stories and just chilling out.

4: Dirty south.

Dirty south is also known as southern hip hop. It?s an innovative style. The people who listen to this genre are either from the south of the United States or were really impressed with the new innovative style coming from the south.

The audience of Dirty south is usually made out of people who like to accept new genres and styles without caring that much about the approval of other people. They are innovative individuals who like to try new things out and see how they work.

5: Trap music.

Trap music started first as a means to determine who is who in a community.This genre is more likely to appeal to people from the south of the United States.

People who like power struggle games also like this genre of music. All people want to gain more power in their lives. A particular type of power is called social power. You can enjoy your social power when you are respected and feared by other people in your social circle. Humans, like animals, think in terms of social structures and hierarchies. So people who like a lot to play social games may also like this genre of music.

Start with the above genres of music and go from there. You will likely find among them the right genre of music that you should listen to all the time.

Listening to music can be a great vehicle to uncover your real personality. Listening to music helps you evolve, become better, gain more power and become more integrated as a person. Listen to your favorite genres of music when you are about to make big decisions in your life. It will help you tremendously.


08/27/2016 12:43am

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04/16/2017 7:31pm

I don't actually think that your taste in music defines your personality and who you really are as a person. As a music enthusiast, I don't really have a certain genre of music that I always listen to because I think, I love hearing the rawness of the different types of music out there that I don't usually listen to. It just fascinates me everytime I discover something new like, it never ceases to amaze me everytime. So, judging by my taste in music, I don't think it actually mirrors my personality and that everyone should really understand not to judge someone by their own taste in music Everyone has the right to listen to any type of music without contrasting it first with their own personality, just for the sake of considering what the others would say about you. The thing is, you don't really need to hear what the others would think and say about you. First of all, they're not you. You are "you" and nobody should ever change you for who you are and what you listen to.

10/03/2016 12:13am

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08/19/2017 4:16am

What about rock music? I'm listening only rock music now!

09/01/2017 6:33am

Do you think there is a connection between these things? That's pretty interesting. You are probably right.

09/09/2017 10:04pm

Rap and pop music are not the best genres. The best one is rock and metal only!


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