Make Your Own Beats | First you would need to determine if you would like to start to make your own beats with some type of drum machine or using a beat generating software. The drum machine will give you more of a realistic experience of creating your own beats, but will not offer hundreds of different beat samples. I am going to focus more on using an online beat making software.

Next you would have to determine what type of music you would like to create. Would you like to create beats for hip hop, techno or jazz music? You can also combine all of the different music styles into your own original creation.

One of the fastest ways to get started is to select some type of beat making software program. Most quality software programs offers hundreds of samples that you can use to combine and customize your music. This makes it easy for the beginner to be able to produce professional beat tracks.

There are many free and paid versions of beat software programs available online. If you can afford the initial investment it is always better to start out with a paid version of the program. If your budget is really tight you can get started with a free version but keep in mind that some of the features you will need may not be included in their program.

Once you have downloaded and set up your program the first thing you will need to do is to select your music type. This is probably one of the easiest parts of the production process because most people know what type of music they prefer to listen to and produce.

Next you will need to set the tempo of your music. Most software programs are defaulted to four beats per measure or 420 beats per minute. It?s always a good idea to keep the software programs set at the default settings until you get more experience.

Now you need to set your kick drum and snare sound. It should not take you more than ten to fifteen minutes to listen to most of the samples installed in your software program. Don?t waste too much time on this because you can always change it down the road.

Try to create about four or five different beat selections. Ask your family members or friends to listen and review your new beats. Use their suggestions and comments to improve your music creation.

Listening to music as a hobby can be a really pleasant activity.Most people are overwhelmed by how many genres they can find everywhere.They do not really know what they should listen to.This is why they tend to waste years listening to the wrong kind of music.

I believe that everyone has one or two genres of music that really resonate with their particular personality. Find the right ones for you and you will be a much happier person in the years to come.

The following are some of the best music genres that you should listen to:

1: Rap.

People who enjoy rap music like to display their individuality and superiority. They may be feel superior because of their higher intelligence, street smarts or because of they can outwit their opponents all the time.

2: Pop music.

Pop music, or popular music, is the right genre for the masses of people. People who listen to pop music are usually concerned with what other people may think of them. They like to be approved and praised by other people. They have a need to feel important and know everything about what?s going on in the world. They do not want to be left behind.

3: R&B.

R&B is mostly liked by people who have a lot of life experience. Most of them listened passionately to other genres of music when they were young. They loved to listen to music in their early 20s and now they have a hard time forgetting their past.

These people tend to be more classical. They often use language and words that aren?t very popular but they used to be popular. Such people have many stories to tell. They love sitting, telling stories and just chilling out.

4: Dirty south.

Dirty south is also known as southern hip hop. It?s an innovative style. The people who listen to this genre are either from the south of the United States or were really impressed with the new innovative style coming from the south.

The audience of Dirty south is usually made out of people who like to accept new genres and styles without caring that much about the approval of other people. They are innovative individuals who like to try new things out and see how they work.

5: Trap music.

Trap music started first as a means to determine who is who in a community.This genre is more likely to appeal to people from the south of the United States.

People who like power struggle games also like this genre of music. All people want to gain more power in their lives. A particular type of power is called social power. You can enjoy your social power when you are respected and feared by other people in your social circle. Humans, like animals, think in terms of social structures and hierarchies. So people who like a lot to play social games may also like this genre of music.

Start with the above genres of music and go from there. You will likely find among them the right genre of music that you should listen to all the time.

Listening to music can be a great vehicle to uncover your real personality. Listening to music helps you evolve, become better, gain more power and become more integrated as a person. Listen to your favorite genres of music when you are about to make big decisions in your life. It will help you tremendously.
Beat making software is one of the hottest and coolest technologies in today's music world. In fact this software's are being used by the top producers in the music industry. Take a look a look at a top music beat maker Swizz Beats for example. He has perfected his craft and worked with many artists to make a name for himself.

You can easily make a career out of making beats. Big names like Kanye West started creating beats as a hobby and selling them to local rappers to make a little side money until he reached fame. Building a clientele is one of the best ways to make more money, as you start perfecting your craft and start becoming better after every beat you then will start moving up the latter.

Becoming a beat maker like Kanye or Dr. Dre does not mean you need to spend unnecessary money on expensive music equipment and sounds. Making a beat and putting it together is not hard at all, making it sound good is. To make a good sounding beat all you need is some samples for your drums as well as some layered effects to make it sound hot.

The top music beat makers know that a simple drum beat can be the next club hit of the year. So how can you spot out a good beat maker software? Easy, a good hip hop beat making software should have an easy to follow video tutorial. Learning the software and its controls couldn't be any easier.

In due time you will master these controls as well as your own unique techniques in blending the music to produce a great track. Btv Solo is an example as software that can guarantee everything you can possibly need. There is a wide array of these music beat maker software's out there, but only a select few can guarantee you everything you will need.
Hip hop music today is a widely varied genre of music, much like its rock and country counterparts it has splintered to become many things to many people.

The beginnings of this musical styling was also a musical and social movement starting in the New York Bronx nearly 30 years ago. Three people are really credited with taking hip-hop and propelling it into the mainstream; they are Afrika Bambaataa, Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash. Each of these people played a significant role in the development of this sub culture.

Kool Herc

Kool Herc is credited with being influential during the pioneer days of Hip Hop music. He moved to the Bronx at the ripe old age of 13 bringing with him his Jamaican heritage. The blueprint for hip-hop music came from the Jamaican tradition of toasting, which is the act of talking, or chanting over the music, many times the words are impromptu lyrics thought up on the fly by the deejay. He and Cale Nossak are also known for developing break beat deejaying where a certain section of music, most often the part that was best for dancing, was isolated and repeated creating an all night dance party.

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007 and was the first rap/ hip-hop artist to receive this honor. Grandmaster Flash and other DJ's such as Jazzy Jay further refined break beats to include scratching and cutting. It wasn't long before other DJ's were copying the style and creating a whole new sound. Flash practiced and developed three specific techniques that are still considered standard for any deejay.
Punch Phrasing
Afrika Bambaataa

While the pioneering and development credits tend to go to Grandmaster Flash and Cool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa is credited with improving and modifying the hip-hop sound and taking it first to downtown white audiences and then the world. Using synthesizers and the rapidly improving drum machine Bambaataa and the Soulsonic Force released "Planet Rock" an electro funk kind of sound that audiences immediately loved.

Afrika Bambaataa also looked at hip-hop as an agent for social change, as a former warlord of the South Bronx gang the Black Spades he had influence in his territory. In the beginning, he focused on expanding the turf of his gang by going into rival territory and forging relationships and by increasing membership. This led to the Black Spades being the largest gang in the city. A trip to Africa would drastically change his perspective, outlook and his name! Born Kevin Donovan he became Afrika Bambaataa after visiting many communities in Africa that inspired him to try and make a change at home.

When he returned, he began hosting block parties to try to lure the kids out of the gangs and into the newly developing world of hip-hop. By 1982, he and a group of talented individuals, singers, dancers and artists went on tour outside the United States and the long growing process of hip-hop culminated in an introduction to the rest of the world.The SugarHill Gang get props also.



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